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Catalina View Gardens is a 94-acre vineyard with a garden and winery in Rancho Palos Verdes, California. The property, which stretches alongside the Pacific Ocean, hosts a variety of events in and around its garden annually. With its stunning views and rural feel, this elegant outdoor venue and its dynamic vineyards are the gateway to California cool and the perfect spot for an unforgettable gathering under the golden sun.

Create Your Ideal Wedding Menu at Catalina View Gardens

The Spectacular Setting at Catalina View Gardens

This alluring oasis is located along the coastline and is nestled in the midst of landscaped grounds in a remote part of Los Angeles. The garden uses the beach as a stunning backdrop, while the peaceful meadow and field lead to rolling vineyards. The venue also offers a clear views of Catalina Island. With this dreamy California landscape as the setting for your dream wedding, you’ll cultivate lasting memories with friends and family.

A-List Events at Catalina View Gardens

With its rustic locale and elegant views, Catalina View Gardens is one of the most sophisticated venues for an intimate and unique gathering. The dazzling coastline along the Palos Verdes Peninsula and ocean-front garden setting make it one of the most stunning and desirable destinations among southern California’s elite.

Chef Meg Hall

Chef Meg Hall decided to pursue her passion for cooking and entertaining after working her first catering gig. From that point on, she dove head-first into catering full-time and left behind her job in finance. It’s now been a decade since Meg created Made By Meg, and she remains one of the most admired caterers in the Los Angeles area. Some of her clients include: Kaley Cuoco, the Jonas Brothers, SpaceX, Yahoo! and Paramount. Cooking has been Meg’s favorite pastime since she was a teenager. Now she is able to bring her love for sharing food and giving people joy to every event her company caters.

Chef Meg Hall’s Sensational Event Menus

Meg’s sensational menus are built to mirror their atmospheres and themes. She plans decadent menus that bring each event to life. Every delectable appetizer, entree and dessert emulates the setting and event with thoughtfulness and care. Moreover, Made By Meg’s stellar hospitality and careful attention to detail create a memorable event for all who attend.

Meg’s Menu and Catalina View Gardens

Because Catalina View Gardens is one of Meg’s preferred venues, she fixes her menu to accommodate the range of events that take place at this gorgeous retreat. Meg’s formulations take into account the beachfront style while carrying on the location’s rustic vibe. In fact, Meg is listed as the preferred caterer at this venue. The way she incorporates the influences from the garden, meadow and vineyard into her culinary works makes her stand out. Her gourmet slider bar and french fry station make for a perfect casual event, while the beef, pork and lamb choices complement the rolling meadows. Meg’s bar options, finally, tap into the surrounding vineyard landscape, offering the taste of wine amidst the glimpse of southern California’s breathtaking wine country.

How to Create the Perfect Menu for Your Event

With help from our team and Meg herself, you can create the perfect menu for your wedding or event. Made By Meg offers several catering options, so browse our menu for foods you want to include and think about what you would like to add to or change for your own menu. We’re happy to work with clients to personalize their catering experience. If you have a vision for how you want your food to turn out, we’re all ears.

If you’re planning to host an event at Catalina View Gardens, please don’t hesitate to contact us. The team at Made My Meg is more than happy to speak with you and create your perfect event menu.

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