Kaley Cuoco’s Lavish Wedding Menu

Kaley Cuoco Wedding - People Magazine

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Only the finest for Kaley Cuoco. The newlywed, with the help of chef Meg Hall, gave her wedding guests a taste of luxury with an extravagant menu of food options for not only the reception dinner, but for a brunch the next day as well.

“I was referred to Kaley by her interior designer who also plans all her events, Dannielle Albrecht,” Hall tells PEOPLE. “I have been catering for Kaley for a few years and we started planning this elaborate, themed New Year party close to six months ago.”

Explains Hall: “When Kaley got engaged to Ryan [Sweeting], the New Year’s Eve party became a wedding. That’s when the planning went into overdrive. I was actually standing right next to the planner when Kaley sent the text with her engagement ring photo. We both looked at each other and said, this is about to be a wedding!”

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