4 Theme Ideas for Office Holiday Events

office holiday party theme ideas

The holidays will soon be upon us. Some argue that the arrival of Labor Day officially ushers in our nation’s extended holiday season, while others view the transition of summer to fall as the more legitimate signaling of festivities to come. But for most, when Halloween night gives way to November 1st, the matter is firmly decided—holiday spirit is in full swing.

And with the arrival of the holidays, company gatherings are not far behind, which is a great reason to keep these themed corporate holiday event ideas in mind. Far too many company parties fall victim to the “mandatory fun” label, typically as a result of poor execution, an absence of imagination, or (most commonly) lackluster cuisine.

Take a few cues from these theme ideas for corporate holiday events, and ensure your company’s party is well received by the staff you hope to please.

office holiday party theme ideas#1. Lights of the Holidays

The holiday season is a widely cherished time of year, if for no other reason than for the festive and often breathtaking lights in which neighborhood blocks, shopping plazas, and town centers become gloriously awash by late-fall.  Importing elements of this annual phenomenon into your corporate party will make for a gathering both classy and perfectly aligned with the season. Give your overhead bulbs a night off, and replace them with pleasant candle lighting.

Regardless of how your festively illuminated party comes together, the food should be first-rate across the board. Holiday cheese displays are always ideal starters for festive parties, while herb butter turkey accompanied by a side of white cheddar mashed potatoes will make for an excellent entrée. Both blend seamlessly with holiday lighting schemes.

#2. Film-Centric

Everybody has a favorite holiday film. Building your party around a “Night at the Movies” theme will be immediately popular. Trivia activities and re-enactment games are easy to arrange and a great way to garner high participation among your audience. You might also consider having an iconic seasonal film playing via projector while the gathering is underway. There’s no shortage of classics on that front.

Another way to enrich the atmosphere is with a creatively arranged tapas bar. Well-conceived tapas spreads consist of savory cheeses, quality meat offerings, artichoke kebabs, and a good deal more. As convenient finger food, tapas are particularly ideal for what will likely amount to an active and lighthearted affair. Involve an excellent caterer in the planning of your film-focused party with the aim of generating a fitting menu.

#3. Costumed Gathering

Although Halloween takes the spotlight as the holiday for costumed events, there is no legislation (that I know of) prohibiting the wearing of costumes after October 31st. Attendees will arrive ready to celebrate the holiday spirit, and themes of this sort lend themselves easily to contests: Best Costume, Most Unique Costume, Funniest Costume, and so on. If you would like to keep with the holiday spirit, consider a Santa/Elves sub-theme.

Costume assembly is time-consuming and parties mandating them can be overwhelming for some. Make sure to provide a hearty, delightful cuisine for the participants and guests, or risk a costumed revolt. Baked ham with a cranberry sauce side always makes for a delicious dinner entrée, particularly when it is prepared by a uniquely gifted catering professional who understands the importance of serving delicious food at events.

office holiday party theme ideas#4. Wintry Landscape

Although Southern California doesn’t see the type of weather that’s traditionally associated with winter, holiday parties are the perfect opportunity to create a festive ambiance. Capturing late-fall and early-winter seasonal elements (think: snow, woodland creatures, holly berries) is central to holiday imagery and is also ideal for the enriching or your corporate office party. Couple a creative blue/white lighting scheme with white backdrops and a few winter-specific props. A seasonal musical track will provide the perfect touch to achieve your desired wintery aesthetics.

In keeping with the seasonally rich experience, your menu should be designed with comfort foods and cuisine uniquely associated with colder climes and alpine environments. Expertly prepared meals and delicious appetizers are mandatory, but don’t shortchange your event on the dessert front. A caramel-laced heirloom apple pie will be the bow atop your winter-themed gathering, and a terrific way to conclude a hearty, creative holiday meal.

Need help planning the menu for your next corporate holiday event? Let Meg Hall match your theme to your menu. Connect today!