The more information you give us, the faster we can work with you to finalize a menu for your event.

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faq | Made By Meg Catering

The delivery charge covers the time and cost of staff to drop off your order.  The delivery charge varies by location due to the cost of gas and labor.  The delivery charge also covers the set-up and placement of your order to your specifications.  If you need us to set-up the chafers, put the food in the fridge or set-up the buffet – that’s covered!

Made by Meg is fully insured and licensed to cater your event.  We can provide you and/or your venue with the proper proof of insurance for the event.  Made by Meg is proud to offer all our staff members worker’s compensation coverage to protect them and our clients in case of an accident.
Food & Beverage charge is an 18% charge that covers the staff gratuity, kitchen staff cost, food sourcing and operational costs.  It is a standard charge in the industry and we’re proud to keep ours well below the industry standard so our clients can benefit from the savings.
We ask that staff (servers, bartenders, chefs, etc) are booked for a minimum of 4 hours to cover their time and cost to get to your event.  Staff can sometimes drive up to an hour and a half from their home to your event and we want to offer them a job that pays for the trip!  Made by Meg staff is hand selected from the best in the hospitality industry and we want to offer them a fair wage for their time.

Made by Meg works from the very top of Malibu all the way to the southern tip of Orange County.  We’re proud to have served Southern California since 2007 and love seeing every part of it!
We charge based on headcount.  Each dish is priced to offer 1.5- 2 portions per person, to allow for seconds and sometimes thirds!  Many catering companies charge per piece, but we feel that charging per person insures that everyone gets fed and leaves full!
It is our company policy to leave a space cleaner than how we found it.  All dishes, glasses and food will be washed and put away to the best of our ability.  We always ask for a broom or vacuum to clean up food debris and like to take out the trash.  You paid all this money for a party – you probably don’t want to see the mess in the morning!

To prepare for the Made by Meg team to host your event, we ask the following:

  1. Clear out as much as possible from the fridge.  Fridge space can be at a premium at larger events.  If necessary, we may recommend renting a fridge to ensure proper food safety.
  2. Clear off as much counter space as possible.  We will be working in your kitchen and want to be sure nothing is damaged or spilled on.  So that’s why it’s best to put away delicate treasures and important documents and photos.
  3. Empty the dishwasher – that way we start clearing away your dishes quickly during the party or use it as a drying rack, if needed.
  4. Have a pet plan – events can often be overwhelming for the family pet(s).  We usually recommend putting Fido in a back room or at a friend’s home for the event. With so many guests and staff coming in and out of the home, it would be terrible to have the dog or cat slip out!!
The number of Chef, Sous Chefs, Servers, Staff Captains and Bartenders for each event are determined by Made by Meg based on guest count and/or menu selections.  Approximately 1 chef per 20-25 guests (no more than three chefs for events under 140 guests) and one Server per 8-10 guests.  One Staff Captain per event.  A full staff will attend all events with the exception of our drop off service.
We are available by appointment for tastings for all clients!  It is $150 for three menu items and $300 for six menu items.  The price is for you and one guest.
We personally interview and train each staff member before coming to your event.  We avoid using staffing companies at all costs to make sure the whole team is on the same page.


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We are available to discuss your catering needs via email, phone and appointment from 9-5 Monday through Saturday.

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Servicing Los Angeles and Orange counties including but not limited to Manhattan Beach, Palos Verdes, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Hollywood, Marina del Rey, Bel Air, and Long Beach.


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