Top 10 Mini Bites For Your New Year’s Eve Party

Top 10 Mini Bites For Your New Year’s Eve Party

Top 10 Mini Bites For Your New Year’s Eve PartyAs 2016 draws near, prospective party hosts might do well to examine our list of top 10 mini bites for your New Year’s Eve party, as American culinary tastes continue to gentrify. Speaking of which, parties (regardless of theme or occasion) might be categorized in a binary capacity—those which feature low-grade, cost-conscious, hugely unhealthy food items, and those which provide guests with respectable, delicious, and comparatively nutritious cuisine.

New Year’s Eve parties are no exception in this regard, with many hosts electing to serve chip/dip combinations and flat soda beverages, while others elect to impress guests with inventive recipes and hors d’oeuvres of premium quality. For many guests, the prospect of free food is itself worth an RSVP, regardless of quality and nutrition. But for many others, a bit of thoughtfulness on part of the host—particularly where cuisine is concerned—might render memorable an otherwise forgettable gathering.

New Year’s Eve Party Mini Bite Ideas 

With that notion in mind, give some thought to these top 10 mini bites for your New Year’s Eve party.

1.     Broccoli Tarts

Cruciferous vegetables (kale and broccoli, among others) are enormously popular for the sheer range of health benefits they offer. Taste, on the other hand, is a hurdle many must overcome in order to partake of those aforementioned benefits. The accompaniment of a pastry tart and a dose of flavorful seasonings will render the consuming of broccoli far more pleasant an experience than is often the case, and without compromising the vegetable’s healthful properties.

2.     Sushi

Done well, sushi is a nutrient-dense, flavorful, aesthetically pleasing appetizer or entrée. Of course, the American palette has dictated that a number of surprisingly unhealthy variants of this iconic Japanese cuisine populate the menus of sushi restaurants across the nation.

But these are very much an exception to an overarching rule: sushi is nutritious, it is ornate, and it is a blank canvas onto which a creative chef may paint to their heart’s desire. A word of warning—sushi goes quickly in large gatherings; ensure you prepare enough for all in attendance.

3.     Fruit and Nut Mix

It is difficult to disappoint when serving a trail mix of one sort or another. Usually comprised of dense, chewy, satisfying foods, a good fruit and nut mix will keep hunger at bay while stimulating more or less the tongue’s every taste receptor. The combination of lightly salted almonds and naturally sweet dates, for instance, measures up well against even the most indulgent of dessert options.

4.     Hummus

There is not much to say about hummus which is not readily known by all but the sheltered of souls. Ground chickpeas comprise the majority of a standard hummus recipe, as well as a good share of its nutritional composition, but it is the addition of lemon juice and olive oil that both compounds the dish’s healthful benefits and enhances the flavor tenfold. Keep a supply of pitas nearby.

5.     Bruschetta

Fairly simple to prepare, what separates good bruschetta from bad is the quality of ingredients used. Treat guests to homemade bread, ripe tomatoes, rich olive oil, and a generous dose of oregano for bruschetta worthy of their ingestion.

6.     Guacamole

Once more of a regional favorite, guacamole is essentially America’s choice appetizer at restaurants of all genres, in any number of regions, and between the hours of sunrise and set. A wide range of solid recipe variants exist online; find one which will satisfy tastes and diets alike.

7.     Meatballs

A bit messy if consumed in haste (as so many are), and not always prepared with dietary considerations in mind, the meatball is nevertheless a worthy addition to any party food array. Use lean beef and enrich the flavor/nutritional properties with a few choice herbs and spices. Toothpicks are a perfectly acceptable alternative to actual dinnerware with this menu item in particular.

8.     Chicken Kabobs

In terms of food-on-a-stick varietals, kabobs of any sort are a time-honored favorite. Chicken tends to comport with a fairly large percentage of American diets (barring vegans/vegetarians) and is quite good for the human organism when prepared well. A healthy peanut sauce will ensure these go quickly, satiating a few appetites along the way.

9.     Garlic Edamame

This suggestion truly requires no further explanation. Edamame is virtually impossible to dislike, as are food items doused in garlic sauce. Serve it proudly, but prepare to extricate yourself from the scene posthaste. Bodily harm often befalls those who stand between hungry masses and garlic-infused appetizers.

10.  Shrimp

Make certain the accompanying sauce is commensurate with the crustacean’s quality. Disparity between the two is known to diminish both the dip and the dipped.

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